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Re: Taking over the packaging

Hi All,

Benda, I don't know if you know but I'm maintaining Ubuntu packages for
casacore also here:


you can give me access to your maintenance tree, but I don't know if
I'll do much - since we already have our solution for the short term.
But I'm all ears for an approach where we are not duplicating effort.

the last couple of months I've been trying to streamline various
processes and trying to understand who is responsible for what. I sort
of got stuck since everybody seems to be just too busy with other stuff,
including myself.

One of the problems is the measures data package, which I name
casacore-data. There doesn't seem to be a central place where this data
is available in a consistent and versioned way. What we do now is just
update the package manually from time to time. I'm curious what your
approach is for tacking this problem.


 - Gijs

On 25-05-14 07:57, heroxbd@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hey Gijs,
> Ccing Ole
> Ole Streicher <debian@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> it is nice to hear that you are going to take over the Casacore
>> packaging! I gave it up since I don't have enough manpower and
>> concentrated on other astronomy packages. Since then, however, there was
>> an interest of Gijs Molenaar <gijs@xxxxxxxxxxx>, who wanted to package
>> casacore for the use in LOFAR. It would be good if you could contact him
>> to join efforts, and to make sure that the package will fullfill his
>> requirements as well.
> I've heard that you are interested in packaging casacore. We have a
> repository for the effort at sourceforge[1], generated by git-svn to
> bridge the upstream and git-dpm for debian specific files and patches,
> based on Ole's pioneer work.
> Would you like a push permission for the repository?
> Cheers,
> Benda
> 1. http://sourceforge.net/p/aire/casacore

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Taking over the packagingheroxbd@xxxxxxxxxx
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